India Bonsai Master Received Prestigious Agricultural Award in 2022

Nothing feels quite as good as being recognized and appreciated for your efforts. Dr. Prajakta Kale recently enjoyed this feeling when she received an award from the Government of Maharashtra in the agricultural industry as a bonsai master. While receiving the award at Nashik, India, she expressed why she has such a passion for it.

Dr. Kale’s love for passion has been recognized before, so we’re here to help her celebrate by looking at some of her recent achievements. Thank you for sharing your art and collections with us!

india bonsai master award

The Jijamata Krushibhushan Award in India

Many government officials and guests were present at Nashik for the Jijamata Krushibhushan award. For those who don’t know, the award honors women in agriculture for their contributions. It’s presented to 10 women every year with a Certificate of Honor. The spouse receives a shawl or saree as an additional reward.

The Indian State Government of Maharashtra presented the 2022 Jijamata Krushibhushan award to Dr. Prajakta Kale for her efforts in developing bonsais and raising awareness in the country. She is also the author of several bonsai books, and she presents several courses to bonsai enthusiasts in India.

During her award speech, she spoke about how India has over 1,500 species that can be grown as bonsai trees. Ancient India referred to the art of bonsai as Waman Vruksha Kala, which was sacred to them. With the courses Dr. Kale presents, she hopes to foster the love for this culture in nurseries and among other Indian women in the agricultural fields.

Dr. Kale isn’t stopping here. She indicated her plans to develop the largest Indian Bonsai Garden. If you recall, we wrote about the Chicago Botanical Garden, which has a bonsai area. We suspect her concept will be much larger, and we look forward to keeping track of this project.

india bonsai master award

World Record for Woman with the Most Bonsais in 2019

To understand Dr. Kale’s influence, we need to go back a few years. The Indian government didn’t just present the Jijamata Krushibhushan award to her on a whim. In 2018, she revealed that she had 3,333 bonsai trees in her collection, which got her a Guinness World Record in 2019. This amount is much higher than Mr. Patel’s number of bonsai trees we reported on yesterday.

Not only was the award for the number of different bonsai trees, but she was the first woman to achieve this feat. She beat Ganapathy Sachchidananda who previously held the record of 2,649 bonsais. It makes us feel so small with our relatively low number of bonsais compared to these masters.

Once you start collecting, the hobby becomes addictive. Not only do you want to buy more, but you want to propagate as many as you can. We understand Dr. Kale’s love for owning so many bonsai trees, but we wonder how she cares for so many!

Back then, she said the following in response to receiving the award:

“I want to start a course that teaches Bonsai art as a skill. I believe that women from rural areas and youngsters would be empowered to earn a living with dignity through Bonsai art. It is now my mission to make this happen.”

Well done on making your dreams and vision come true.

india bonsai master award

Doctorate in Bonsai Art in France in 2020

Let’s take our celebration of Dr. Kale further. In 2020, she went to France to receive a unique Doctorate in Bonsai Art that was the first of its kind. The European International University (EIU) presented it to her, and then she went to Malaysia for the award ceremony. We wondered how much she missed her bonsais while traveling so much.

It was during this time that she mentioned a movement called Bonsai Namaste, something she still continues to encourage. Dr. Kale mentioned again her ideals for creating bonsai courses for young women in India but included the field of horticulture with agriculture.

Dr. Kale inspires us and shows us just how valuable the world of bonsais really is. While many are still beginners, it’s growing rapidly in the world. When the pandemic arose in 2020, there appeared to be a rise in bonsai purchases in many countries from online stores. That rose hasn’t slowed down, and the forecast is that we’ll see more growth in the next fear years. We’ll share more on this in the next few days, as we’ve seen some interesting stats. 

india bonsai master award

Celebrating Dr. Prajakta Kale as a Bonsai Master in 2022

Bonsai Namaste now has a YouTube channel that features many videos on bonsais, teaching people worldwide about this wonderful art form. In one of the videos, Dr. Katel is featured as a bonsai master.

We hope this news article of ours inspires you to go out and obtain a few bonsais for your home or office if you don’t already have one. Remember to check our bonsai tree care guide for all the information you’ll need to keep growing it. You can also develop your own via propagation.

This latest news is only one of the many we’ll be presenting in the months to come. We want to make sure you know what’s happening in the world of bonsais so you don’t feel like you’re alone. We have many experts who are ready to answer your questions, so please feel free to comment and ask us if you need any assistance.

Original news source: The Times of India

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