If you're wondering how to style your bonsai, we have several sources of exceptional inspiration to guide you. Find the perfect shape for your tiny landscape today!

Bonsai presents a beautiful art form that takes something natural and transforms it into something majestic. It takes patience and time to develop its form and shape over the years. How do you know what to make it look like and which design to go for, though?

Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can obtain bonsai inspirations from many sources. In this section of Bonsai Alchemist, we’ll show you inspirational media from around the world, providing you with several ideas for your miniature landscapes. We’ll even tell you which apps you can use if you’re feeling a bit stuck for ideas.

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The Importance of Bonsai Inspiration

The art of bonsai isn’t merely about growing a small tree for as long as possible or until you become bored. There are several bonsai styles you can use that sets your one apart from the others. If everyone’s Junipers looked the same, it would become a dull hobby, and the beauty would be lost.

It’s all about your personal journey. However, it’s hard to plan if you don’t have a vision in mind. Imagine you grew an apple bonsai upright and then decided after a few years that you want to cascade it? Bonsai inspiration helps you set a plan for what you envision.

Top Locations for Bonsai Inspiration

The internet is a vast online universe with plenty of resources for bonsai inspiration. Merely search for ‘bonsai,’ click on images, and you’ll see millions of sources from people worldwide. You can even insert the species you are growing.

At Bonsai Alchemist, we have a specific preference for where we find inspiration for our bonsais. Instagram is an excellent choice, as you can follow particular tags and see new photos daily. There are also exclusive bonsai apps where communities share the latest images from their nurseries at home.

Taking Bonsai Inspiration From Nature

Of course, the best source of bonsai inspiration is from nature. If you want to see how it should grow naturally, merely look for the trees nearby or in a park. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the ideas that may crop up at any given moment.

For instance, lightning sometimes strikes trees, leaving the bark exposed and charred. Many bonsai enthusiasts attempt to replicate the appearance, but not with real lightning nor electricity. The cascading bonsai idea stems from trees that grow on the edge of cliffs overhanging the vast oceans.


We know you came here looking for bonsai inspiration. Therefore, we’re providing a few categories for you to look through with related articles. We’ll quickly explain what each page consists of, but please click on the links to see all the available posts for them.



Social media


Social media platforms are rife with bonsai inspiration, containing massive collections of images from all around the world. Enthusiasts are constantly sharing their latest designs and innovative forms. We’ll highlight the profiles and sites we enjoyed the most while also making lists of our favorite platforms.



Even Bonsai Alchemists still love shoving their noses in books. Of course, the internet has digital versions now, so you don’t have to wait for delivery. We decided to look at which books will suit your needs the best, depending on what you’re looking for to help you on your journey.



Each country has a theme or culture that separates it from others. While some styles are universal, we found many that are unique to the region. Instead of keeping this knowledge to ourselves, we’ll post about them in this section of bonsai alchemist.



Who doesn’t love a good video on how to transform your bonsai into a stunning work of art? There are so many available on sites like YouTube, you may get lost letting the playlist do all the work for you. We’ll showcase the best online videos that we feel express the authentic culture of these miniature landscapes.



The top bonsai enthusiasts keep track of how their tiny trees grow, when they prune, and how they style. While this is an excellent practice, some apps let them share their progress with communities. You may find tons of bonsai inspiration at the click of a button, and we’ll share which applications are the best.



Thanks for joining us on our bonsai inspiration page. We hope our pages help you on your journey to find the next idea for your beautiful small tree. If you’d like us to aid you with your next design, please feel free to contact us!


Do you have a few questions about bonsai inspirations or the culture? We’ve received a few queries that may help, and there are some online we noticed that might aid you.

Your bonsai tree has a unique meaning to you that no one else will be able to define. You create the sacred space in which you’ll spend time with it, drawing on the natural energy around you. In general, bonsais represent peace, order, balance, and harmony.

Bonsai is an excellent gift if you want to bring harmony to someone’s life, whether it’s in turmoil and there’s exceptional balance. It enhances anyone’s life, but you’ll need to teach them how to make the most of it.

There are so many sources available online that it’s hard to pick just one. Of course, we could be vain and say Bonsai Alchemist, but we’re not that arrogant. Feel free to read through our pages indicated above to find the best sources for bonsai inspiration.

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