How many Species of Azaleas are there?

Azaleas, of the genus Rhododendron, are flowering shrubs. They usually bloom in May and June in the Northern Hemisphere and December and January in the Southern Hemisphere. There are around 10,000 types of azaleas. In this article, we’ll list some of the most popular varieties that are good for your garden.

How many Species of Azaleas are there

Northern Hi-Lights

Northern hi-lights are aromatic flowers and are cream to pale yellow, with yellow highlights. They are tolerant to cold and show some mildew resistance. They are best suitable for humusy, acidic soil, with good drainage and moderate moisture. It would be best if you protect them from winds and, ideally, plant them in a location where they can receive four hours of sunshine every day. Water it regularly and remove any wilted flowers to promote further blooming. These cold-hardy plants were created by crossing two highly hardy American species, R. prinophyllum and R. canadense.

Autumn Bonfire

Autumn bonfires bloom in all seasons with their single or semi-double red petals and dark green leaves. It’s highly resistant to heat and cold and blooms from spring until the end of fall. The quality of its growth and bloom depends on various factors such as geographical location and growing conditions. It’s tolerant to direct sunlight but can thrive in partial shade too. It also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

Rhododendron “Lemon Lights”

Lemon lights are cold-hardy azaleas. The flowers have light yellow and golden tones and attract pollinators. The plant has a slow growth, up to around six feet. Make sure the soil has adequate moisture during growth. You can gently prune the shrub after blooming.

Rhododendron “Girard’s Hot Shot”

Hot Shot is an evergreen azalea that’s resistant to winter damage. Its flowers are vivid red. It needs partial sun exposure, and you can place it in a sheltered spot to protect it from wind. Also, make sure not to plant it in a low-lying trough as it can freeze and damage the buds. It’s also better to avoid soils with poor drainage, such as heavy clay soil. Water it regularly so that the roots don’t dry out.

How many Species of Azaleas are there

Rhododendron Fireball

Fireballs are an excellent choice if you’re a beginner in the world of azaleas. They are deciduous varieties and have a good cold tolerance. It needs partial sun exposure, and the flowers grow moderately. They usually bloom in the spring. It’s a good idea to give this plant a little pruning. Make sure the soil is moist and acidic for its proper growth.

Korean Azalea

Korean azaleas occur naturally, i.e., they are not created as a hybrid. The fragrant rose-colored flowers start blooming before the full foliage, which gives it a beautiful floral display. Also, during autumn, the dark green foliage turns orange-red. They grow slowly and tend to be wider rather than tall. Make sure the soil is rich and acidic, moist enough, and has good drainage. It needs partial to full sun exposure for normal growth.

Fragrant Star

Fragrant stars are deciduous azaleas that have funnel-shaped flowers. You can also plant them on hedges or screens. The foliage has a dark green color with pure white bloom, which looks very elegant. It’s a cold-hardy plant and can survive in partial shade too. However, it’s best if you can place it under full sun. You’ll most likely see a full bloom during spring.

Percy Wiseman

This evergreen variety of azaleas gives color-changing flowers, which makes it stand out. You’ll see it blooming from mid to late spring, with a group of 13-15 trumpet-shaped flowers in each of its ball-shaped trusses. At first, the flowers are light pink; then, they gradually display other colors such as shades of red, pink before eventually turning to creamy white. They make a great choice for gifting beautiful bouquets.

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