The Best Money Tree Bonsais To Buy Online

In many cultures, the Money Tree bonsai symbolizes prosperity and good luck. When you look at online retail shops, you may find them listed as Braided Money Trees. These consist of five stems that are entwined into one, solid trunk system.

Money tree bonsais

Top Three Money Tree Bonsais

Brussel's Live Money Tree Grove Indoor Bonsai

Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira


Jmbamboo- 5 Money Tree Plants Braided Into 1 Tree

Reviews Of The Best Money Tree Bonsais

The marketplace is saturated with the best Money Tree bonsais, as it’s one of the most popular ones to buy. We’re going to review several of them here below, showing you which ones we recommend. Of course, we trust you will use your own judgment when selecting one.

Brussel's Live Money Tree Grove Indoor Bonsai Complete Gift Set

Product code: B078SMMN8K

Review of the Unique Qualities

We selected this as one of the best Money Tree bonsais due to how much value you receive in one package. There’s a stunning ceramic container, available in several colors. You’ll also see several braided stems in the pot that makes it look like a forest.

As a bonus, you’ll have a humidity tray that supplies moisture to the foliage via evaporation. There’s a bonsai book with the latest tips on maintaining the Money Tree bonsai, while you’ll also have ample fertilizer to get you through the first few seasons. It serves as an incredibly excellent gift for someone who loves plants and nature.


When it comes to the best Money Tree bonsais, you don’t want poor quality or missing items. Brussels has a good reputation for providing excellent products or assistance if something goes wrong.

If you notice something is wrong with the product, you can call up customer service to help you. The only issue is how well your Money Tree will adapt to the region where you live.

  • Bonsai book with guide
  • Humidity tray
  • Braided trunk design
  • Fertilizer
  • 30-day warranty period Cons
  • Might struggle to adapt to new climates

Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira

Product code: B07G853D6N

Review of the Unique Qualities

Costa Farms presents its best Money Tree bonsais in tall containers instead of shallow. However, it suits the appearance of this plant in some cases. The product consists of braided stems into one trunk system, with stunning green foliage at the top.

The main concern with the pot is that there’s no drainage. You’ll need to water carefully unless you plan to transplant it to a new container. Overall, it’s a beautiful bonsai that you’ll be able to maintain easily.


While the product doesn’t provide any accessories, we still consider it one of the best Money Tree bonsais. You’ll need to take extra care with the watering by either adding drainage or transferring to a new pot. Also, ensure that the tall pot isn’t in a location that’s easy to knock over.

  • Strong container for the roots
  • Excellent trunk structure and foliage
  • Add to any location at home or work
  • No drainage holes

Jmbamboo- 5 Money Tree Plants Braided Into 1 Tree Pachira with Panda Vase

Product code: B010MYH62I

Review of the Unique Qualities

Here’s an adorable container that’s made it into our list of the best Money Tree bonsais. It consists of pandas on the side of the pot, which is an excellent gift for a child that’s learning to grow these wonderful trees. When looking at what the clients had to say, it seems that there are different designs of the panda bears.

The container is slightly small for the tree, though. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to plant it over into a new pot before the year is over. However, the foliage looks fresh and stunning, and it should survive long enough in the container for the time being.


We’re always on the lookout for these amazing designs, even if they’re not completely functional after the first year. You can enjoy it while the moment lasts, but you’ll need to repot into a wider, shallow bowl when spring arrives.

  • Adorable panda design
  • Stunning braiding technique
  • Lush, green foliage
  • Small container

M&M Bonsai Braided Money Tree In Training Pot

Product code: B01B02MPI6

Review of the Unique Qualities

The one feature that makes this product stand out as one of the best Money Tree bonsais is the stunning braid design. You can tell how much care was taken to place it into form, while the green foliage is kept in place at the top. There’s also a tie to ensure it remains that way until secure fused.

This Money Tree bonsai is ideal for those who want to train it themselves. It has training pots for you to transplant into a ceramic container of your choice when the time arrives. However, you’ll need to take care not to damage the delicate roots in the process.


What we find strange is that the seller provides the training pots, but no accessories or tools to prune or maintain the tree. So, we expect that expert bonsai growers will be interested in this product, or beginners will purchase tools and equipment separately. We’ve noticed that there’s a trend for buyers to order fertilizer and extra soil with this item.

  • Ideal for training
  • Tie to secure the braiding
  • Healthy trunk and foliage
  • No accessories

Brussel's Live Money Tree Indoor Bonsai

Product code: B0000DGFAC

Review of the Unique Qualities

You know a seller puts loads of effort into its best Money Tree bonsais when you find a detailed care guide in the product description. If you’ve seen its complete gift set, you may recognize this item as the same that’s part of the bundle. If you’re only interested in the tree and not the accessories, this item is ideal for you.

The bonsai tree is grown with the same meticulous care, and you’ll still receive a 30-day warranty if something goes wrong. You also have options between ceramic, grower, water, and zen reflection pots at various prices. Feel free to also choose a size.


We love how well Brussels looks after any of its best Money Tree bonsais, but we’d recommend you aim for the complete gift set if you need some optional extras. However, we’re fond of the idea that you can choose between the container and plant size.

We also love that there’s a care guide on the product description and included as an extra in the parcel. Of course, you can read our online guide for more details.

  • Various size and container options
  • Strong trunk design
  • Green, healthy foliage
  • 30-day warranty
  • No accessories

9GreenBox - 5 Money Tree Plants Braided into 1 Tree

Product code: B00302HGHK

Review of the Unique Qualities

9GreenBox presents a stunning Money Tree bonsai in a small ceramic container, but you won’t be able to choose the size or color. There’s also a small humidity tray. While it’s handy for maintaining air moisture, it might be too tiny to have any proper effect.

Still, the bonsai tree has a lovely braided design, while the leaves transform into five loves that become smaller the more you prune it. It has the potential to develop into an outstanding display in the right hands. However, you’ll need to have tools at hand or order them separately.


While the seller’s images don’t have much to go on, we’re impressed with what we received and the customer images. The leaves look splendid and healthy and will make any home proud.

You might want to consider transplanting into a larger pot when spring arrives. While you’re at it, invest in a wider humidity tray for greater effect.

  • Delicate braided design
  • Beautiful foliage that’s ready for maintenance
  • Adorable ceramic pot
  • No tools included
  • Small humidity tray

Jmbamboo- 5 Money Tree Plants Braided Into 1 Tree Pachira with 4" Dark Blue Ceramic Pot

Product code: B08KKMTHQF

Review of the Unique Qualities

Jmbamboo is the same seller that presented the panda container, but now you’re treated to a scenic blue display. Its best Money Tree bonsais have five trunks braided into one, with the foliage bundled together at the top. It’s a stunning presentation that’ll look outstanding in your collection.

Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t provide much information beforehand, which means you’re buying blind. While we do supply our own care information and reviews, it helps if the product description is more inviting. However, it doesn’t detract from a Money Tree bonsai that looks healthy and outstanding.


We’re sure beginners will do well with this Money Tree bonsai. While there aren’t any accessories or tools, you can leave it in the provided container for a full year before you’ll need to transplant it. You might want to start shopping for a more suitable pot and soil.

  • Stunning 5-trunk braided design
  • Adorable blue container
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Not much information listed

Jmbamboo - Live 10"-12" Money Tree Bonsai and elephant ceramic pot

Product code: B00V7U3RHU

Review of the Unique Qualities

Jmbamboo continues on its trend to supply as little information as possible. However, you’ll receive the same quality Money Tree bonsai as with its other products. The seller has a nursery full of them, all with similar braided trunks and quality care.

So, what’s the unique quality of this product? You’ll have a small container with an elephant this time. We know bonsai pots are generally tiny, but we’re wondering how much breathing space there is for the roots. Be that as it may, the bark of the trunk looks healthy and strong.


Enjoy the elephant container as long as your Money Tree bonsai lives in it, probably only until spring. Still, you can use the elephant pot for a different, smaller bonsai that you’re training into the shohin style. You’ll need to ensure that this bonsai you have in it currently receives enough water in summer, so don’t be shy with the liquid refreshments.

  • Strong, healthy trunk
  • Green foliage you can train smaller
  • Adorable elephant container
  • You’ll need to repot soon

American Plant Exchange Money Tree Easy-to-Grow Live Plant

Product code: B07KX6RSQG

Review of the Unique Qualities

Here’s another Money Tree bonsai that you’ll receive in a trainer pot. Depending on how long it’s been growing in there, you may need to transplant as soon as possible. Have a look at the soil and root density, and see if there’s any space to breathe in there.

Overall, the trunk braiding looks amazing, but you’ll need to pay attention to the leaves. Start pruning as soon as possible to reduce the surface area and size. You might need to cut back the larger ones, depending on how tall you want it.


As we reach the end of our Money Tree bonsai reviews, you’ll see much of the same from these sellers. The braids look excellent and you’ll have healthy leaves and roots. You’ll just need to ensure it survives the change in location and climate, while you should also make sure the soil has breathing room.

  • Healthy, strong upper structure
  • Training pot for beginners
  • Green, healthy foliage
  • Replant as soon as possible

Fciqven Feng Shui Crystal Money Tree Citrine Tree Lucky Tree Bonsai Style Decoration for Tabletop Decoration

Product code: B08QZXY86P

Review of the Unique Qualities

Moving from live Money Tree bonsais to crystal ones, we decided to introduce this interesting artifact. There are Feng Shui symbols as the leaves, while you’ll find citrine stones in the foliage. The money bag is symbolic of prosperity and gathering wealth, extending the meaning behind the species.

Of course, you won’t need to spend energy watering or maintaining the tree. It takes away from the calming effect tending to a real Money Tree bonsai has. Still, it’s the ideal gift for someone who would like a little luck in their lives, but who doesn’t know how to look after a real bonsai.


We entered this crystal Money Tree bonsai as a treat, as it would look lovely in any home among your real bonsais. It adds to the atmosphere, especially if you have a fountain or other water display nearby.

  • Bonsai book with guide
  • Humidity tray
  • Braided trunk design
  • Fertilizer
  • 30-day warranty period Cons
  • Might struggle to adapt to new climates

Why are Money Tree Bonsais so Popular?

One of the most popular bonsais is the Money Tree, not only due to how it looks but also because of the symbolism around it. While many believe it brings luck and prosperity, there are other reasons why people love it so much. We’ll share these with you now.

Braided Style

Rumour has it that the original creator behind the Money Tree took five Water Chestnut plants and braided them after watching his wife do it with hair. Since then, people have played with different braiding styles, giving each bonsai a unique appearance. Some bonsai growers also adorn the tree with ribbons and other symbolic items.

There are many staunch bonsai developers who don’t feel you should add anything to the tree, while others are more than happy to show them off a bit. It boils down to personal preference, as your bonsai has a specific meaning to you that no one can take away. There’s also more of a bond with you and the tree if you do the braiding yourself.

Great for Beginners

One of the best aspects of the Money Tree bonsai is that it’s very forgiving and hardy. If you neglect to water it for a few days, it’ll still be waiting for you when you return. Therefore, you can comfortably gift one to a beginner who has yet to learn the maintenance routines.

It also doesn’t mind the soil pH levels, while it prefers shaded sunlight. This feature makes it ideal for indoor development and if you live in an apartment with low light levels. However, ensure that it doesn’t get too cold, as that’s the only aspect that the Money Tree bonsai doesn’t like.

Five-lobe Leaves

The second element you’ll notice after the braiding is usually the bright green leaves. They’ll light up any room with joy, drawing the attention of your guests. It gives the impression that it’s a small palm tree with upper foliage that falls like a canopy.

The Buddhist palm is seen as a symbol of wisdom. When you prune the leaves small enough, you’ll have a plethora of tiny leaves with five lobes. This feature is one of the reasons that many see it as a sign of prosperity and wealth.

Five Trunks for Various Options

While many bonsai owners prefer the braided technique for the Money Tree, you have other options at your disposal. Some people unwind the trunks to play around with other ideas or to create a forest. You also find some braiding it higher up or trying various styles that no one has done before.

Thanks to the nature of the Water Chestnut, the tree is extremely pliable. You can easily bend it into various shapes without breaking the trunk. There’s also the option to create different tier levels, which can really present a unique appearance that no one else has.

Feng Shui

There are five elements in Feng Shui, namely, water, fire, air, earth, and metal. The number five is present in the Money Tree, such as the leaves and trunks. If you want to create a phenomenal, powerful display, try planting five of these bonsais in one wide pot for the ultimate effect.

Why is this essential? The number five is seen as a symbol of luck and goodwill in Feng Shui. It also brings balance to a home that has too many of one element over another. If you want to go all out, you can decorate each tree with five Feng Shiu symbols and see if it brings harmony to your relationships.

Top Five Tips for Growing a Money Tree Bonsai

If you’ve decided to proceed with buying any of the best Money Tree bonsais listed above, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure that it lives a long, healthy life. We have a few tips for you to read through to help you along the way.

Finding the Ideal Location

While the location is vital for sufficient light and humidity, there’s also a spiritual aspect to it if you’re into Feng Shui. The upper left space of your home is considered the wealth location, harboring a node of power for wealth and money. However, there should be enough indirect light for the tree to create some food.

Giving it a Good Wash

Dust can be an enemy to leaves, creating problems with the air exchange that it needs to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Spring and summer seem to be the biggest culprits. If you live in a dusty or sandy region, ensure you take a damp cloth and wipe the leaves clean at least once a week.

Watch That Pot

We’ve mentioned container size a few times in our reviews, mentioning that some pots may be too small. However, the Money Tree’s roots are tiny, so you don’t want to go too big. The roots might struggle to absorb enough water.

The only time you should expand the size is if you’re aiming to grow a bonsai forest. Still, try to keep the container’s rim as close to the roots as possible, ensuring that it can grab enough moisture and liquids as possible.

Develop more Money Trees

Why settle for one braided Money Tree bonsai when you can grow more? The cuttings develop well when placed in water, so you can prune and take five pieces for a new tree. As soon as you see there are strong roots, get ready to braid the trunks and place the new tree in a stunning pot.

Look for Warning Signs

When you spend time with your bonsai, keep an eye out for any concerning factors. Wilting or brown leaves are one example, but you may notice the roots tearing or mold on the soil. Don’t take any chances with your precious bonsai tree, and feel free to read our care sheet to see how to look after them.

What Sets These Bonsais Apart From Others

When you’re reading our reviews, you may be wondering what sets those products apart from others. There are a few unique traits to look for, as not all of them are the same. We’ll show you a few qualities worth assessing.


Each bonsai is braided in a different way. Some look exceptional, while you can see little effort has been made with others. We look for stunning twists and turns of the trunk, while we’re also looking for any unique designs. It’s all about the presentation.


As you may see in our reviews, some of the trees have leaves that are large, not yet forming the small five-star appearance we enjoy as bonsai enthusiasts. While we encourage you to keep maintaining it to that form, we evaluate any products that already have small leaves to make your life easier.


You may notice we’ve mentioned a few brands numerous times. It’s not that we’re affiliated with any of them, but we do have some good experiences. Furthermore, we’ve noticed how customers applaud the sellers for their items and how well they look after the bonsais. We also recommend companies that are willing to help if something goes wrong.


There’s something enjoyable about having an adorable pot to go with your Money Tree bonsai. We’ve seen elephants, pandas, and other designs on the containers that really made some of the products stand out from others. However, you need to keep in mind the function is more important than appearance.

How We Picked Our Top Selection

Having a unique Money Tree bonsai is exemplary, but we at Bonsai Alchemist have some criteria we use when assessing the products. These aren’t make-or-break elements, but they are significant for when we evaluate what’s available. The more of these on the list, the higher up they go in our reviews.

Customer Feedback

Yes, we do provide our opinions on each product so you can see how we feel about it. However, not everyone has the same experience. Since these are live trees, it’s essential to see what the other clients have to say upon delivery and find a weighted average among them.


If you’re a beginner, receiving only the Money Tree bonsai won’t be very helpful. You’ll see bundles and kits usually at the top of our list, as we love to receive extra goodies with the product. We generally look out for tools, fertilizer, guides, and braided ties.

Value for Money

The one element we tell our readers not to worry about is price. Yes, we know not everyone can afford an expensive bonsai. What we mean is to assess the actual value of the item. If it costs more than others, there must be a realistic reason for it, such as unique braids or designs. Even a seller who is known for selling excellent quality bonsais will justify paying more.

Local Trees

While the Money Tree bonsai has a reputation for surviving most climates and adapting to changes, we recommend buying local trees. Besides helping the economy, importing a tree from overseas is a bad idea. It might not survive the long trip, and it won’t be accustomed to such a drastic change.

Money tree bonsais

What Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Bonsai

You’ve seen how we select the best Money Tree bonsais, but that doesn’t mean they’ll suit you. You have to do your homework and ensure that it’s the right decision for your home. To help you out, here are some factors you should look at.


You’ll notice that we indicated dimensions for some of the products where it was listed by the seller. If you have a small apartment or room, finding the correct placement can be challenging, especially if you already have a few bonsais. Ensure you have enough space before bringing the Money Tree bonsai home.


Another key element is the hardiness zone. The Money Tree bonsai grows well in zones 10 – 12 thanks to the climate. It doesn’t enjoy extreme heat or cold, so ensure you live in a region that supports the plant’s healthy development.


Some sellers will tell you how old the bonsai tree is. While you can buy a young one, the older ones are more tolerant to drastic changes and conditions, while being more resistant to pests and diseases. However, you may struggle with the braiding of trunks that are too old to separate.


We’ve mentioned before that location plays an essential part in the Feng Shiu connected to the Money Tree bonsai. If you don’t believe in this aspect of it, you still need a good location that provides indirect sunlight for the morning hours while protecting it during the hot afternoons.

Final Thoughts

Having a Money Tree bonsai will bring joy to your life, whether or not you believe in luck. It has a beautiful appearance with braids and five-star leaves. You can also impress your friends with your knowledge of this species and tell some exciting tales just for the fun of it.

FAQ About The Best Money Tree Bonsais

Before you leave our humble abode here at Bonsai Alchemist, we have some questions people always ask about this wonderful species. Don’t be shy to ask us any queries if you’re still puzzled about how to care for it. We love the attention.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that it brings prosperity and wealth, hence the name of the tree. There are five trunks and five-star leaves, with the number five believed to be a symbol of good luck. Some also believe it brings harmony and balance into the home.

If you dress the Money Tree bonsai with ribbons and decorations, it can be an excellent gift for a work colleague in the office. With low sunlight and watering requirements, you won’t even need to place it near a window. It may even help the business if you believe that it will bring you wealth.

You might find your Money Tree bonsai secreting sap for various reasons. There’s a process called guttation that leads to stickiness under the leaves, which is normal. However, if you notice bumps on the bark with sap, the chances are that there’s a pest infestation.

As your Money Tree grows, the trunks extend and the foliage expands. If you want to keep the braided look further along the stem, you can continue the braid. However, you’ll need to ensure that you don’t damage any of the leaves in the process.

Some people believe that buying yourself a Money Tree bonsai instead of receiving it as a gift can bring you bad luck. Fortunately, this is a false statement. It doesn’t matter how you obtain it, the only belief is that you will receive good luck, prosperity, and wealth.

If you’re a fan of Feng Shui, you should place the tree in the upper left or south-east section of the room. However, remember that it needs indirect light and sufficient humidity too. You’ll need to take all of this into consideration when looking for a suitable location.

Direct sunlight can burn the delicate leaves of the Money Tree bonsai. To prevent this, you should ensure bright light enters the location, but reaches the plant indirectly. You’ll also need to make sure that it has several hours of morning light while protecting it from the afternoon heat.

When you enter your home or face the room from the entrance, the wealth corner is the upper left corner. Some people also state it should be in the south-east section of the room. This ties into the Feng Shui aspect of the Money Tree bonsai.

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