What Are the Best Pots for Juniper Bonsai?

Pots for Juniper Bonsai

Choosing the best pots for Juniper bonsai may seem like an easy thing to do, right? You just look at bonsai pots and choose the prettiest one that appears to be the right size, and there you go. This is not really the case. There are so many different elements to consider when choosing a suitable container for your bonsai.

How to Choose the Best Posts for Juniper Bonsai

There are many different pots available, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and can be made from different materials. They can also have texture or even be painted. All of these elements contribute to the final look of your bonsai.

This is why it is essential to take some time to choose the best pots for Juniper bonsai, and we are here to guide you.

Size of the Pot

The size of the pot you choose is critical. First off, the pot has to be big enough to give the roots of your tree space to grow to ensure the continued health of your tree. The size of your container also affects the overall appearance of your Juniper bonsai. As with all aspects of bonsai, balance is key. The same is true of the pot you choose. The size of your container should balance nicely with the size of your tree.

Luckily there is a relatively simple way to determine what size is suitable for your bonsai. The pot’s depth should be the same as the diameter of the trunk of your bonsai just above the soil line. For oval and rectangular pots, the length of the pot should be approximately ⅔ the length of your tree. For round pots, the length should be ⅓ of the height of your bonsai.

Shape of the Pot

The next consideration is the shape of the pot. Different shaped pots will make your tree look different. Some forms enhance the look of the strength of your bonsai, whereas other pots enhance the flow of the design. The style of your Juniper bonsai has the most significant impact on what pot to choose.

If your Juniper is grown in a formal upright style, it will look good in either a rectangular or oval-shaped pot. An informal upright would display nicely in an oval pot with straight sides. If you’re growing your Juniper bonsai in a cascading style, you should consider a deeper square-shaped container.

A slanting Juniper bonsai would look balanced in an oval or round-shaped pot, either regular or irregular. Finally, a windswept Juniper would look beautiful in a shallow rectangular or oval container.

Material of the Pot

There are so many different types of materials that bonsai pots are made of. They can be made from plastic, mica, ceramics, concrete, clay, stoneware, wood, and even metal. However, we don’t recommend metal containers as they may give off toxins to the soil. Stoneware is one of the favorites among bonsai show winners, although mica and clay containers are also very popular.

When it comes to the best pots for Juniper bonsai, enthusiasts prefer unglazed clay pots. These types of pots add to the strength and balance of the Juniper and allow the soil to dry out better while still maintaining a decent humidity.

Color of the Pot

The color of the pot again enhances the balance and overall look of your tree. If your tree has beautiful deep green foliage, you don’t want to take away from that by using a color that clashes. You would instead want to go for a color that enhances the deep green from the foliage.

Junipers display beautifully in dark brown, red-brown, light blue, matt blue, and even matt green containers. These colors work so well because the browns and reds enhance the trunk color, whereas the green and blues enhance the foliage color. If you’re unsure about what color pot to go for, it’s safer to stay with neutral colors that match the trunk or soil color.

Texture of the Pot

The texture of the pot is the final consideration in choosing the right pot for your bonsai. The gender of your tree design determines the surface of your container. Masculine bonsai have thicker trunks and branches with a more angular and sharp flow. Female trees have a more slender trunk with gentle tapering and flow.

If your Juniper has a more feminine shape, you would do well going for a smooth textured container. However, if your tree has a masculine form, then feel free to try a nice textured bonsai pot.

Pots for Juniper Bonsai

Final Thoughts

There are many different considerations when it comes to choosing the best pots for Juniper bonsai. However, if you keep your tree and its size and style in mind when making a decision, you will soon be able to choose the perfect pot for your bonsai. The right pot will go a long way in ensuring that your Juniper bonsai is displayed in the best way possible for you to enjoy for years to come.

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