The Best Juniper Bonsai Trees For Sale Online

When it comes to real value, you can’t go wrong with some of the best Juniper bonsai trees that money can buy. They have stunning needle formation, while the green stands out on the dark brown bark. Couple that with a beautiful container and toolkit, and you have an excellent package for beginners and veterans.

Top Three Juniper Bonsai Trees

Eve's Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree Gift Kit


Brussel's Live Gardenia and Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree Set


Brussel's Bonsai Live Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree


Reviews Of The Best Juniper Bonsai Trees

We’ll start with our reviews of the best Juniper bonsai trees so that you can compare them for your home. While we have specific criteria we look at, remember to assess which will be easier for you to maintain in the long run.

Eve's Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree Gift Kit 6 Years Old Japanese Juniper

Product code: B01B02MPI6

Review of the Unique Qualities

This Japanese juniper is an excellent item for beginners who don’t have any tools or feeders. There’s a tiny statue to complement the bonsai style, while you’ll also receive a pamphlet explaining how to care for it. A small pair of scissors rounds the package up for when you need to prune.

The bonsai is maintained either in a formal upright or windswept style. Of course, it depends on the version you receive from the seller. There’s a ceramic pot that measures up to 6 inches high, a beautiful set of stones adorning the soil.


This gorgeous tree falls on our list of the best Juniper bonsai trees due to the style, presentation, and beauty. Beginners and veterans can make use of the toolkit to maintain and develop it further. There’s also enough food to last it a couple of seasons.

  • Includes pruning tool
  • Contains a decoration in true bonsai fashion
  • Pamphlet guides you on the care and maintenance
  • Feeder for tree nutritione
  • Doesn’t indicate the last transplant

My First Bonsai Tree Kit plus Live Japanese Juniper Tree

Product code: B07FXHD34M

Review of the Unique Qualities

If you want to plant your own Japanese juniper bonsai tree, this product is ideal for you. You’ll receive a cutting with roots dressed in a special moss/soil mix. It’s a youngling, so you’ll need to take extra care when placing it in the counter. Don’t worry; there’s an instruction manual on how to maintain and look after your precious baby.

The reason the kit is so affordable is due to the plastic container. While we’re happy with the shallow nature of the pot, we prefer ceramic to this material. Of course, you can just ditch it for a proper one at your local store, which shouldn’t cost you too much if you shop around.


Here’s another Japanese juniper bonsai tree to take you back to the original developers of this art style. While it has a cheap plastic container, you can easily swap it out for a ceramic one. It prevents any damage to the pot during delivery, while you can also head to the shop to choose one that you’d prefer.

  • Includes pruning tool
  • Contains a decoration in true bonsai fashion
  • Pamphlet guides you on the care and maintenance
  • Feeder for tree nutritione
  • Doesn’t indicate the last transplant

Brussel's Live Gardenia and Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree Set 3 Years Old; 4" to 6" Tall with Decorative Container

Product code: B078YGK6NY

Review of the Unique Qualities

If you think you can handle two new trees at the same time, we’re recommending this product. Besides the Gardenia, you’ll receive a green mound/garden Juniper bonsai tree. Each one has its own container so that you can place them in separate locations.

Of course, you’ll have the soil ready-packed in the pot, but there’s no way of knowing when it was lasted planted. To be on the safe side, you may want to replace the substrate. There’s also a handy care guide with basic information about what both bonsais need to stay alive.


This product is excellent for a budding bonsai enthusiast that wants an extra challenge. You’ll receive two containers, ensuring that each tree has space to live and breathe. There’s also a warranty in case anything happens within the first 30 days upon receipt.

  • Two bonsais to liven your home
  • Includes a care sheet
  • Soil is already prepared
  • Trees are pruned
  • No label to indicate the last potting date
  • Care sheet is too basic

Brussel's Bonsai Live Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree 3 Years Old 4" to 6" Tall with Decorative Container-Not Sold in California

Product code: B07NY3SWTS

Review of the Unique Qualities

Moving onto something simpler, here’s a green mound garden Juniper that contains nothing but the pot, soil, and tree. There’s an assortment of container colors and styles, but the seller doesn’t indicate whether you can select one that you want. Either way, it’s a ceramic pot with adorable feet that raise it off the floor.

This young bonsai has a formal style with a tiered approach to the branches. You’ll receive a detailed care sheet showing you which factors you need to be aware of when maintaining it. It’s ideal for serving as a centerpiece in your home or outside in the sun.


The Brussel brand generally sells some of the best Juniper bonsai trees for quality and durability. If you’re unhappy, it’s a standard practice of theirs to give you a 30-warranty period. However, few customers complain about its stunning plants and containers.

  • Beautiful container and design
  • Young tree to train and develop
  • Includes care guide
  • Sold alone with no tools or extra soil

Bonsai Tree | Chinese Juniper Seed Grow Kit | The Jonsteen Company

Product code: B07LC3DZ26

Review of the Unique Qualities

This Chinese Juniper bonsai tree is for experts in the propagation field. You’ll begin with nothing but the seed, while other items in the package aid you along the way. For instance, you’ll receive soil and a small greenhouse to contain the humidity while the seed grows.

The seller includes an instruction manual for getting the seed to grow and how to care for it over its lifecycle. The only area of concern is that Juniper seeds are challenging to propagate, so you might end up with a product that doesn’t succeed. That’s why you’ll find plenty of customer complaints that nothing sprouted despite following the guide.


Even though the chances are low for it to grow, you can still try your best. Who knows? You may have green fingers and prove the other customers wrong. Remember to check out our species guide for the best Juniper bonsai trees to get this stunning specimen to germinate.

  • Excellent for veterans to try their hand at propagation
  • Includes instruction manual
  • Grow within a greenhouse
  • Chances are low of the seed germinating

What Sets These Juniper Bonsais Apart From Others

We’ve had fun showing you our top selection of Juniper bonsai trees, but we’re sure you’re wondering what makes them so unique. Here are some characteristics that make them stand out from others online.


When you buy a bonsai, you want it to look beautiful. It’s an art form, after all, and you don’t want to spend too much money and energy reviving a dying tree. These products look amazing and will be your pride of joy when visitors appear.


You can grow these trees in numerous styles, depending on your taste. They’re versatile in the sense that you can bend and wire them into any shape, and they’ll maintain it for years. We made sure to select the best Juniper bonsai trees with styles that really show off the glory and beauty of these products.

Pots and Soil

Some sellers don’t go out of their way when placing bonsais on the market. They give you a standard mix in a tall plastic pot, expecting you to sort out the rest. These products stand out for having a ceramic, shallow container that suites the bonsai lifestyle.

How We Picked Our Top Selection

Besides the above aspects that make them stand out, we have our own criteria for the best juniper bonsai trees for sale online. If they don’t meet our benchmark, then they don’t make it on our list.

What the Buyers Say

The buyer’s opinion is important to us. While we might enjoy a product, there may be cases that others don’t. We’ve often seen comments of broken pots, damaged branches, and brown leaves with pests. We try to steer clear of these bonsais if other customers don’t like them.

Extra Items

If you’re new to the art, it may be challenging knowing how to take care of it. We look for bonsai products that include starter kits or maintenance guides to help you along your way. Furthermore, it helps if there’s food included for an entire year so that you only need to order more at a later stage.

The Cost

We know you may be worried about buying a cheap product. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll receive a bad bonsai. Some sellers find affordable ways to grow or obtain these stunning trees, which saves your bank account. We do want to make sure you receive value for money, though.

Local vs. International

There are two downfalls to buying bonsais internationally. For one, you’ll pay a massive amount for the shipping costs alone. Secondly, the tree won’t be used to your climate’s temperatures and humidity. You might see some leaves die off for the first few months, or it may die altogether. So we opt for local sellers.

What Factors to Consider When Buying One of the Best Juniper Bonsais

Now it’s your turn to decide which Juniper bonsai will suit you best. You can use any of the criteria we presented to you, but you’ll need to make some considerations of your own.


Most sellers sell small bonsais, which is as it should be. However, you do find some that have large dimensions, which might not suit the location you want to place it. Always check the size of the pot and the tree for width, length, and height if available.

Beware the animals

Your animals might think your bonsai is a fun toy to play with, biting or scratching it. They don’t understand what it means to you, as they tend to abuse plants in nature too. Ensure that you have a safe place to keep the tree before buying it online.


Every region has a hardiness zone that refers to the climate and whether a tree will survive there. The Juniper doesn’t like extreme temperatures, so you’ll need to make sure it can live in your zone. Make sure you check the charts.

Age of the Tree

The older a bonsai is, the more stunning the foliage and bark. You’ll also have thicker trunks and branches that take years to develop. Older bonsais tend to be more valuable, as more time, energy, and money was spent on them.

FAQ About Juniper Bonsais

Before you leave, we’ve found some questions people always ask about Juniper bonsai trees online. Feel free to read through them or contact us if you have any further queries.

These stunning trees love being outdoors to receive as much sunlight as possible. However, you can also grow them indoors if they receive at least four hours of morning light and dappled shade for the rest of the day. You’ll also need to check the humidity and any signs of brown leaves.

The Garden Juniper is famous for being in the Karate Kid movies, and you can’t go wrong with them. You can also try the Japanese Shimpaku and Chinese Juniper, both of which are harder specimens that will last long.

Juniper bonsai trees can be challenging to maintain, but you’ll manage as long as you get the placement, light, water, pruning, and humidity right. We know it sounds like a lot, but you can check out our species guide for more details.

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