Bonsai Tree LEGO set: what's all the fuss?

One of the latest trends to hit search engines is the Bonsai Tree LEGO set. Last year, we already saw how much people were showing an interest in the product, but it’s grown since then. It looks like many out there want to keep their hands building a small plant, but why aren’t we seeing more variety?

You’d think with this popularity, we’d see LEGO making more Bonsai Tree sets. While there are other plant collections, we want more bonsais. Let’s take a look at this latest trend.

The latest trend for the Bonsai Tree LEGO set

Last year, I wrote an article on the Bonsai Tree LEGO set as I really found the product to be interesting. While I mostly delve into real trees, the thought of building my own brick version was exciting. Now, it looks like people are once again on the hunt for it.

When I first saw the LEGO set with the Bonsai Tree on the box, there were only about 500 searches per month for it online. This was in June 2021, six months after the original release. Earlier this year, in about February 2022, I noticed search volumes had gone up to 49,000 on average per month. It’s a massive spike in searches!

According to Google, volumes have risen again in the last few days, which means people are eager to get their hands on it again or wondering if it’s worth buying. For the latter, I’m happy to answer that question.

Is the LEGO Bonsai tree worth it?

What makes the Bonsai Tree LEGO set exciting is that you can change it with the seasons. There are green pieces for the summer, while you can change them to lovely pink flowers for the blossoming period. For fall or winter, you simply remove the flowers and leaves.

The set is gorgeous, and you can take your time adjusting and adding the smaller pieces at your leisure. The best part is that you don’t even need to give it much bonsai care, as it doesn’t need pruning or watering.

What other LEGO plant sets are there?

While we’re waiting for LEGO to add more bonsai sets, there are some plant collections you can look at. For instance, the orchid LEGO set with long stems and green leaves. The succulents LEGO set has a variety of small block plants in one container. 

For a stunning display, it’s worth checking out the Bird of Paradise plant LEGO set. There are gorgeous colors, and you’ll have some small pieces filling in for the soil at the bottom. It’s fun to build and look at when it’s complete.

Final thoughts

With more people searching for Bonsai Tree LEGO set, I’m hoping the company will realize we want more of them. Variety is the spice of life, and it would be nice to have a collection of these on my work desk or somewhere in my home. It’s also a great way to encourage my friends and family to share my passion.

When I’m done here, I’m going to see if there’s a way to contact LEGO and discuss creating more of these Bonsai sets, even if it means I need to get involved with the design process. I’ll keep you updated if I get any positive results.

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