Special Custom Designed Bonsai Landscape by CustomBonsai

Here at Bonsai Alchemist, we’re always keeping an eye on what’s happening on social media. While some of us enthusiasts have websites we manage to share our news, social networking platforms help to showcase our bonsai photos and videos to our followers.

During our off-time surfing Instagram, we came across CustomBonsai. What caught our attention was this stunning landscape they designed and built by hand. We were so envious, it made us want to do the same thing.

Of course, you need the skill to pull it off. So, we had a chat with CustomBonsai to find out how they did it.

CustomBonsai design

Who is CustomBonsai?

The proprietor of CustomBonsai has been creating bonsai for over 40 years. They have three retail locations in the city of Chicago and routinely ship their bonsai throughout the U.S. and elsewhere.

As a business, their mission is to make exceptional bonsai available, and affordable, to bonsai lovers of every skill set and level of experience, including beginners. In keeping with that, they work primarily with bonsai species that are very hardy and very easy to care for.

They create different types of bonsai for stock selections, but also frequently work with customers who prefer a custom creation. With respect to those customers, they’ll confer with the customer to understand their vision and then create a presentation to fit their expectations.

What is the Beautiful Landscape created by CustomBonsai?

For the piece shown, the customer asked for a large, multiple tree presentation that replicated a lake and wilderness diorama (in penjing style). First, CustomBonsai created a natural slab pot as the starting point and then added a hard resin lake – complete with underwater terrain and surrounding shores.

Then, per the customer’s tree preference, they added a mature European Olive and a grove of Rabbit’s Foot Acacia to opposite sides of the slab. A cascading river that fed into the lake was added and then, finally, Kyoto moss was used to accomplish a natural, grassy landscape.

The piece measures 23″x13″ and is 14″ tall. Despite its size and shape, the piece was shipped to a very happy customer over 1,000 miles away.

Photos of the CustomBonsai Design

Final Thoughts

While many of us are merely growing small bonsais in pots, businesses like CustomBonsai are going the extra mile. As you can see from the designs, they take their client requests seriously. There are plenty of other custom bonsai pieces on their website you can look at for more inspiration.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram so you can keep track of their designs. You can also send them a direct message on the social media platform if you have a concept in mind.

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