What Are the Best Money Tree Bonsai Pots?

Money Tree Bonsai Pot

In the art of bonsai, choosing the right pot is almost as important as your tree. After all, the word bonsai means potted tree. There are many different bonsai pots available. Not only do they differ in size and shape, but also material, color, and texture.

All of these factors will have an effect on the final look of your bonsai. That’s why it’s so essential to understand how to choose the best Money Tree bonsai pot.

Considerations When Choosing Money Tree Bonsai Pots

Choosing a container for your bonsai is best done when your tree is ready to be a bonsai. This means once you’ve achieved the desired trunk thickness and a shape to your tree. The reason for this is that once you plant your tree into a bonsai pot, the trunk will not thicken much more due to the limited size of the container.

After all, that is one way we keep our trees miniature, by limiting their growth area. That’s why it’s recommended to grow your tree in a training pot first until you’re happy with the shape and trunk. Once you’re satisfied with the general shape and trunk thickness, you can repot it into an appropriate bonsai pot.

Size of the Pot

The first consideration is the size of the bonsai pot you choose. Not only do you want to select a Money Tree bonsai pot that displays your bonsai in the best way possible, but you also want to ensure that it’s the right size so that your tree can thrive.

When it comes to the depth of your pot, there’s a general rule of thumb you can use to determine how deep your pot should be for your Money Tree. The depth of your pot should be roughly equal to the diameter of the base of your tree’s trunk.

If you use this rule with a very young tree with a slender trunk, the growth will be stunted, and the trunk will not thicken much. This is why it is recommended that you pot your tree into a bonsai container once you’ve reached the desired trunk thickness.

To determine the length of your bonsai pot, you will need to look at the height of your tree. The length of the pot needs to be approximately ⅔ or ¾ the height of your tree. However, if the width of your tree is more than the height, you will use the same principle but use the width instead of the height.

Shape of the Pot

The shape of your Money Tree bonsai pot will be dependent on the style of your tree. A rectangular pot will work very well to display an upright, semi-upright, or forest-style bonsai. The rectangular shape adds to the feeling of strength projected by the tree. An oval shape can also look particularly good with forest or formal upright style Money Trees.

Material of the Pot

The material that your Money Tree bonsai pot is made of is another consideration when choosing a suitable bonsai container. Bonsai containers can be made from various materials such as plastic, mica, terracotta, and stoneware.

The type of material you choose has more to do with your location than anything else. Terracotta pots are great for drainage but are prone to freezing. Plastic pots keep the soil moist for longer but can also be susceptible to freezing. Stoneware pots and glazed pots are considered to be the best, so if you can, choose one of them for your Money Tree bonsai.

Color of the Pot

The color of the bonsai pot can be used to enhance the appearance of your bonsai further. You can use a complimentary color pot to bring out a certain color in your bonsai, such as the color of the trunk.

The Money Tree trunk has a greyish-brown color with a tint of beige with dark green foliage. A soft grey container can work well with the deciduous Money Tree that has a more delicate appearance.

Alternatively, a pot with a natural reddish tint can also complement the green foliage. If you’re unsure about using colored containers, you can always be safe with natural and neutral colors.

Texture of the Pot

The texture of the pot you choose for your Money Tree bonsai will further complement the tree. Smooth finishes are better suited to more feminine trees with soft flowing features, whereas texture pots are better for more masculine trees with strong and defined lines.

For Money Trees that usually tend to lean towards a more feminine style, bonsai pots with a smoother texture will work very well.

Money Tree Bonsai Pot

Final Thoughts

There are so many considerations to take into account when choosing your Money Tree bonsai pots. From the size and shape to the color and texture, it can seem to be a daunting task. However, if you keep a few things in mind and let the design of your tree guide you, you will soon find the right pot for your tree. Even if you don’t, bonsai is a long-term art form, so you can always change the pot at the next repotting.

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