The Top 10 Money Tree Bonsai Instagram Accounts

Money Tree Bonsai Instagram

The art of creating any bonsai takes patience, dedication, and knowledge. This is also true for your Money Tree or Pachira Aquatica. Although this may sound very complicated, once you get started with miniature trees, you’ll realize how addictive this hobby can be.

Patience is needed as creating a bonsai doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it can take years to develop and style – but the result is worth every minute. You’ll have to be dedicated to your trees since they’ll be dependent on you to stay healthy, as any other plant in a pot would be.

Finally, you’ll need knowledge. You may find yourself browsing Google each time you add a new miniature tree to your collection to find out the best ways to keep your tree healthy and eventually start training it.


Knowledge can be obtained from books, Youtube videos, online articles, bonsai clubs, and even social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Today, we’ll be looking at the best Money Tree bonsai on Instagram for you to follow.

Top 10 Money Tree Bonsai Instagram Accounts to Follow

Instagram provides a great social platform where you can share the progress of your Money Tree bonsai. You can also ask questions when you get stuck and benefit from the knowledge and experience of other enthusiasts.

Following these Money Tree bonsai on Instagram will set you up for success with your own Pachira Aquatica.


This account is run by passionate hobbyists as well as a bonsai tree teacher. Not only is its page filled with stunning inspirational images of miniature trees, but it also shares great tips for beginners. These tips include how to style a tree, where and how to prune your tree, as well as a free bonsai checklist to get you started strong.


Ryan Neil founded Bonsai Mirai. Ryan is at the forefront of the American Bonsai Movement. In this feed, you’ll find stunning miniature tree inspiration paired with excellent knowledge of the art as well as an understanding of the horticulture, biology, and design principles involved in this artform. It also focuses on educating new bonsai enthusiasts to get you into the hobby much quicker.


Bonsai Empire is a stunning Instagram account to follow that portrays some lovely mature bonsai. By seeing these mature trees, you can understand what you are growing towards and how your tree can look in the future with the proper care and training. It’s always good to have an idea of the future outcomes of the hobby, and BonsaiEmpire provides plenty of inspiration.


Although not technically a bonsai-only page, the MoneyTreePlant is a good account to follow if you have a Money Tree. This account focuses specifically on Pachira Aquatica and can provide helpful information in caring for the exciting species. If you pair the knowledge from MoneyTreePlant with miniature tree knowledge, you are sure to end up with a stunning Money Tree bonsai.


This account shares a lot of miniature tree inspiration, especially for Money Tree bonsai. These images focus a bit more on the modern art of miniature trees and are slightly less traditional, but that appeals to many new bonsai enthusiasts. It also portrays a range of bonsai pots which is always interesting to see.


Although a relatively new Instagram account, it’s already active with many useful infographics and stunning bonsai images. There’s also a lot of content dedicated to Money Trees, with more species following soon.

With a dedicated team of curators, you are sure to find tons of experience and inspiration here. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments, and a member of the team will get back to you.


The Eastern Leaf Instagram page shares a lot of interactive information. It provides many tips on growing, pruning, jinning, potting, and styling your miniature tree that is very useful for new and experienced bonsai enthusiasts.

It also covers the different bonsai tools that can be used in more detail, which is excellent for those starting as the tools can be pretty intimidating at first. It also provides great inspirational bonsai images so that you can envision the style of bonsai, even when just starting.


Harry Harrington is the author of three popular bonsai books. Now he shares his bonsai knowledge on social media. On his Instagram page, you will find a lot of information on the different styles, how to create these shapes in your own miniature tree, and what it means to be a true bonsai enthusiast.


This account is more for inspiration. However, without motivation, none of our trees would ever become bonsai, so having a muse is critical to the art. This account adds new inspiring images daily, so there will always be some fresh inspiration for you to explore.

There’s a mix of traditional and modern miniature tree inspiration, so something for everyone. Also, you don’t have to be a bonsai enthusiast or even own a miniature tree to enjoy these stunningly beautiful images.


This is an excellent account to follow if you have indoor bonsai, such as the Pachira Aquatica. BonsaiByLan specializes in indoor bonsai and can share experiences of how to keep your bonsai thriving indoors. There’s a lot of exciting inspiration surrounding indoor trees on this page, and it is good to look at if you have a tiny outdoor space and prefer keeping your miniature tree indoors.

Money Tree Bonsai Instagram

Final Thoughts

Finding a community of like-minded bonsai enthusiasts that you can share your passion with is another rewarding part of this hobby. Using social media platforms for Money Tree bonsai on Instagram can provide you with a connection to other enthusiasts who can share their own experiences, tips, and tricks and even help you with issues you may have.

So why not start following these Instagram accounts now and see the difference it can make to your hobby?

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Some of her favorite trees to use in bonsai include Acacia, Bougainvillea, Ficus. She is hoping to soon propagate a few Pomegranate seeds and Wisteria and watch them develop into stunning bonsai with care and love.

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