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W for Wisteria

As one of the genera with only a few species, the Wisteria tree is probably one you already know. Growing natively in many Asian countries, they’re also available in Canada and in the eastern parts of the United States. From my experience, I can tell you we have some in South Africa too, even though they aren’t native here.

The Wisteria bonsai is valued for the beautiful flowers that form on the foliage. If pollination takes place, you’ll be treated to bean pods as is usual for the legume family it’s in. With practice, you’ll be able to propagate those seeds into new seedlings and bonsai trees, which will fetch you a pretty penny if you want to sell them one day. 

I’m ashamed that I don’t have a Wisteria bonsai as yet. I was going to the Waterberry tree (Syzygium), as I’m more familiar with it and have a few seedlings already. However, the Wisteria is more beautiful and popular, and I want to make it my mission next year to buy myself one. From there, I want to see if I can germinate any seeds that develop.

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