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I for Italian Cypress

Also known as the Mediterranean or Tuscan Cypress, the Italian Cypress bonsai is one that’s doing particularly well on our site. It’s renowned for its tall spire, pointing to the heavens with a wide body tapering to the upper end. The small berry cones are beautiful in my eyes, and one of my most prized possessions. It has a long lifespan, which is why so many people love having it as a bonsai.

As part of the official Cypress family, the Italian Cypress has gorgeous green needles that tend to grow upwards. While it’s known for its pyramid style, you can also develop the foliage in many other shapes. It will make a lifelong companion if you care for it properly, transferring it to your children or other loved ones as an heirloom.

I’m starting to realize how many bonsai trees that died in that dreadful drought a few years ago are on this list. I managed to propagate a seed into a small sapling, but that was the same year we had the drought. There’s a house a few blocks away from me that has a tall Italian Cypress tree overhanging the short fence over the pavement. Perhaps I should do some stealth cutting or cone retrieving when no one is looking, or overcome my social anxiety and just ask for it.

See our details Italian Cypress care sheet!

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