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H for Hibiscus

Here’s a bonsai tree genus that my buddy and co-writer Russ Kidson is an expert at. As part of the Mallow family, there are so many of them in South Africa. You can literally walk down any street in Cape Town and see a variety of Hibiscus trees in gardens and fields. They also make spectacular bonsais with their trumpet-like flowers, which also double as ingredients for tea! 

There are hundreds of Hibiscus species in the world, and I don’t even think they’ve discovered them all. One of the most popular ones is obviously the common garden Hibiscus. What makes them spectacular as bonsai trees are the variety of flower colors you’ll find. You can create quite a display by having a few of them in the same location.

I don’t know how I don’t have a Hibiscus bonsai as yet. I remember growing a cutting many years back that grew roots, but the drought that hit us killed it within a month. That drought hurt me badly, and I almost didn’t want to get back into caring for these delicate trees. However, with Russ’s advice, I might try to propagate one again.

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