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F for Ficus

I’m sure you expected the Ficus genus to appear under F under my alphabetical list of bonsai trees. With about 850 species under its belt, many of them are preferred as bonsais. They’re easy to manage and maintain, and you’ll find them incredibly forgiving. The trees don’t mind if you miss watering them now and again, as long as you do some at some point in the week.

Any Ficus loves being indoors or outdoors. The fig trees come in many varieties and sizes, whether we’re talking about the size, leaves, fruit, or flowers. It’s one of the most versatile genera to use as a bonsai tree. You’ll also find it’s a popular selection in local shops, as it makes an excellent beginner bonsai.

And I would know. My first bonsai was a Ginseng ficus, which is the species we find the most in bonsai nurseries. Since then, I’ve grown an Australian small-leaf fig tree and Natal Ficus in my backyard. I’ve also managed to take a cutting of the latter and grow it in a glass terrarium. It truly is incredible how forgiving these trees are in most environments.

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