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D for Douglas Fir

Here’s a bonsai name that’s slightly misleading. While we call it a Douglas Fir bonsai tree, it’s not really a fir tree. The firs are in the Abies genus, while the Douglas Fir is in the Pseudotsuga genus. Either way, they still both form part of the Pine family, which is what counts. And it’s one of the most popular pines to grow as a bonsai thanks to its stunning needles and cones. 

The Douglas Fir is mostly native to North America, but you’ll find these bonsai trees in a few other countries where they are in demand. The young female cones are red, which makes a striking contrast to the dark green needles. As a bonsai, you can make beautiful styles with a thick brown trunk and needles in different locations on various levels.

I’ve always wanted a Douglas Fir bonsai tree. They sell them at a bonsai nursery near me, but they’re incredibly expensive for how rare and prized they are by me. If you live in America, you have a much better chance of getting your hands on one, even if it’s via Amazon. For the rest of us, we’ll either have to take cuttings or save up for them.

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