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X for Xylosma

If this genus name is hard for you to say, you can try brushholly instead. As part of the willow family (Salicaceae), there are about 100 species in it. The name is derived from the unique scent you get when you smell the wood, which is also why people call it logwood. The wood and bark are usually dark, but some of the species are lighter. 

The flowers across the species in the genus are usually yellow and small, which makes Xylosma ideal for bonsai trees. The leaves are broad, and these trees are deciduous, which means you should expect them to drop in winter. You’ll have to prune the tree often in the growing season to make sure the foliage doesn’t become too large.

I didn’t know Xylosma was a tree name until today. When searching for a bonsai tree that started with X, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people actually have these species in their possession. I’ll have to see if they grow in our area or if anyone actually has samples for me. I would love to personally try my hand at cultivating them; at this rate, I might need a ranch for all the bonsais I intend to keep.

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