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K for Kumquat

Yes, actress Nina Dobrev revealed to Vin Diesel in the Return of Xander Cage movie that Kumquat is her safe word, but that’s not what I’m focusing on here. Instead, I’m referring to a fruit bonsai tree in the Citrus genus, which is actually a contested matter. While it seems to be a citrus fruit, there’s been some debate in the past as to where it belongs in the plant kingdom.

Arguments aside, it makes a stunning bonsai tree. The small fruit are ideal, as they won’t cause too much pressure on the small branches. There are also white flowers that sprinkle the foliage in spring or summer, and some of them have small thorns. The fruit has a bitter taste, but many of us love eating them anyway.

I’ve never had a Kumquat bonsai, but I did try to propagate one from seed once. It didn’t take at all, if I remember correctly. All I really remember is buying a bag of Kumquat fruit from my local grocer to see what they taste like. When I saw the seed, I thought it would be a good idea to try. I definitely want one as a bonsai tree one day.

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