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C for Camellia

The Camellia genus is mostly native to some parts of Asia, specifically Japan and the Himalayas. It’s an absolutely gorgeous tree with flowers that look like roses. Surprisingly, it’s actually in the Asterid clade and not even related to roses in the slightest way, except for being an angiosperm. The bright flowers attract the attention of your visitors and pollinators alike, putting on a delightful show.

As a bonsai tree, you’ll love growing a Camellia. They’re easy to maintain and grow and are fortunately not too fussy. There are almost 200 species in the genus, but only a few of them are popular as bonsais. You’ll look far and wide for the rare ones, but when you have them, you’ll treasure them for a long time. 

I have a Japanese Camellia tree in my rose garden. I planted it there about two years ago, and it’s almost taller than me now. It was knee-high when I bought it. My plan is to air-layer one of the lower branches I have allowed to grow high for this purpose. Once I succeed, I’ll have a brand new Camellia bonsai tree hopefully by next year. I’m so excited!

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