A Guide To Hibiscus Light Requirements

A Guide To Hibiscus Light Requirements One of the most challenging aspects of plant care is knowing how much sunlight a plant needs. Plants like hibiscus are particularly tricky because even though they thrive on sunlight, too much direct sunlight can wilt your plant and cause it to die. The other thing that people sometimes […]

Hibiscus fungal disease guide

hibiscus fungal disease

Hibiscus fungal disease guide There’s no more commanding species of shrubbery with which to adorn your garden than hibiscus. Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only organisms that love the larger-than-life flowers and beguiling colors of the many faces of hibiscus. In the guide below, we’ll take you through all the fungal diseases that wish to do […]

How To Care For An Indoor Bonsai

How To Care For An Indoor Bonsai Successfully

How To Care For An Indoor Bonsai Bringing a bonsai into your home is a lot more important than you might think. We primarily choose easy plants when we’re looking to add greenery and vegetation into our interior decorating arsenal; plants that are easy to take care of. Bonsai is distinctly different. This is a […]

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