The A to Z of Bonsai Trees

a to z bonsai gallery

Welcome to our very first bonsai gallery. I’ve decided to kick it off with an A to Z of bonsai trees, showcasing various species and genera under the appropriate letter. In most cases, we’re covering trees we’ve already presented on our website, while others are simply ones that I like.

With so many names in the bonsai world, it was easy selecting which trees I wanted in my alphabetical list. Perhaps your list would have been different. Even so, I hope you’ll enjoy the images and content I put together for you to read.

Please stay until the end. There will be a poll on the last page asking which name on the A to Z bonsai tree list you enjoyed the most. It will be interesting to see which one comes out on top, and I might even publish the results if we receive enough responses.

Alright! Let’s get started with the first one!

a to z bonsai gallery

N for Norfolk Island Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine is part of the araucarian family that actually extends back to dinosaur times; the Jurassic Period, to be exact. The Araucaria heterophylla species is quite distinct, having the most interesting needles you’ll ever see. They look like whorls, and they grow on tiered branches all the way to the top.

This species is possibly one of the most challenging to grow as a bonsai. The conifer has such a strange, unique shape, and it only reaches for the sky in a pyramid fashion. Trying to make any other bonsai style is useless, and you’ll only be damaging the tree. However, the appearance and that challenge are exactly why I want one.

I was torn between the Norfolk Island Pine and the Narra national tree of the Philippines. For the former, I truly want a bonsai of this species for my home, as I really love how it looks. We have towering trees by our local church. On the other hand, our article on the Narra tree has been doing exceptionally well, currently one of our top five posts. However, my desire for the Norfolk Island Pine made the decision for me.

a to z bonsai gallery

And that’s it, folks! Which one was your favorite?

There you have it! It may have taken me a few hours to produce this alphabetical list of bonsai trees, but now you’re more educated than before. That means the world to me, sharing some knowledge so that it can continue to others. 

I want to know from you which is your favorite bonsai tree on this list. We have a poll here below where you can click your response and let us know. It’s completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about us stealing any information. If we receive enough votes, we’ll certainly share the details on social media.

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